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fredag 18 juli 2014

Paris massacre: Families demand arrest warrant for MIT officials

Paris massacre: Families demand arrest warrant for MIT officials.

The families of the 3 Kurdish women who were murdered in Paris have demanded that the French justice system issue an international arrest warrant for the 4 MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) officials who are suspected of having given the order for the murders.

Sakine Cansiz, one of the PKK founders, Fidan Dogan, KNK (Kurdish National Congress) Paris representative and Leyla Saylemez from the Kurdish youth movement were murdered on 9 January 2013 in Paris at the Kurdish Information Centre.
According to the AFP, the families of the three women have demanded that magistrate Jeanne Duye issue an international arrest order for the 4 MIT officials.
The 4 officials are the ones who signed a document published on 14 January.
In this document the information given by a MIT agent code-named Lejyoner, was shared and the realisation of the previously made plans was demanded.
It was written in the document that an amount of 6 thousand euros was paid for the murder of Sakine Cansiz.
This classified document was undersigned on 18.11.2012 by branch director, O. Yuret, unit director, U.K Ayik, vice president S. Asal and president H. Ozcan.
The families demanded a warrant be issued for the arrest of these persons.
The German newspaper Der Spiegel wrote in February that those MIT officials were the ones working on the Kurdish problem, adding that sources in the German Intelligence Agency had concluded that the document was genuine.
2 days before the emergence of the document, a tape of the chief suspect Omer Guney was shared on the internet. In the tape aired on 12 January, the suspect Guney was explaining his murder plans to 2 persons said to be MIT agents.
Speaking to the AFP, the lawyer of the families, Anoine Comte, said: “It is generally known that it is always a state that orders political murders, but there is never evidence. However, in this case, we are lucky that we have evidence” and added: “It is necessary to pursue the case to the end and to probe those who ordered the murder, including the ones who undersigned the classified document

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