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söndag 13 juli 2014

U.S. Vice President Speaks to President Barzani

Salahadin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, ( U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and President Msoud Barzani exchanged their views on the current political crisis in Iraq today through a telephone conversation. During the conversation Vice President Biden stressed on the importance of forming the new Iraqi government in the hope of paving the way to get Iraq out of the current crisis.

On his part President Barzani stated that the new government formation process ought to focus on the current geopolitical realities of Iraq, adding that Kurdistan had shed blood for the defense of the current borders. 

Vice President Biden used the opportunity during the telephone conversation to pay his respects to the families and loved ones of the Peshmerga forces who had lost their lives in the defense of the borders of the Kurdistan Region in the hands of ISIS since June 10.

President Barzani and Vice President Biden spoke of the bilateral relations between the United States and Iraq in general and the United States and the Kurdistan Region in particular, focusing on the key issues that strengthen the relations between the two, including the war against the terrorists and the founding principles of the new Iraq, democracy, federalism and commitment to the Constitution.

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