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lördag 25 oktober 2014

Fighting in Kobanê continues on the 40th day

Fighting in Kobanê continues on the 40th day

The attacks of the ISIS gangs on Kobanê continue on the 40th day. The YPG and YPJ forces together with the Burkan Al Firat, which is a component of the FSA, inflicted heavy blows on the gangs and repulsed them.

The YPG Press Office has released a statement on the 40th day of the attacks of ISIS gangs on Kobanê.
“Losing their hopes for victory in the face of strong resistance, the ISIS gangs bombed areas where civilians are located, leaving one civilian dead”, said the YPG Press Office, which reported that fierce clashes took place yesterday on the eastern front where clashes have intensified recently.
YPG said the YPG, YPJ and the Burkan Al Firat forces have inflicted heavy blows on the gangs in the clashes that lasted until early morning today. “As far as ascertained, 24 gang members were killed on this front,” added the YPG.
“Intense clashes took place around Municipality Street at the eastern edge of the town. 4 gang members were ascertained to be dead in this area. Our forces seized 2 Kalaskinovs and a large amount of ammunition for these weapons” said the YPG Press Office, adding that YPG, YPJ and Burkan Al Firat forces launched operations on the Helinc-Korpinkar and Helinc-Şêran neighbourhoods in the south-eastern areas of the town.
2 vehicles on the Helinc-Korpinkar road and one another on the Helinc-Şêran road were destroyed while 11 gang members were killed as far as ascertained, said the YPG and continued as follows: “At the southern front as well intense clashes continued the whole night. The number of the casualties has not been ascertained. Our forces carried out an operation around the Seyran Restaurant in the southern part of the town, leaving 2 gang members dead and a motorcycle destroyed. 1 Kanas weapon and 1 Kalasnikov belonging to the gangs were seized”.   
The YPG Press Office further reported that the gangs were repulsed by having been shot as they attempted to infiltrate the western front, adding that the number of the casualties at this front still remains uncertain.
YPG also reported that 4 YPG members have fallen in the clashes of last night.
According to the statement, a 44 year-old civilian, Mihemed Hemê, lost his life in the wake of the mortar attacks of ISIS targeting the civilians in the town centre.
YPG ended its statement with additional information about an operation of YPG forces in Til Hemis: “Yesterday night, our forces carried out an operation on the bases of the gangs in the Mesusa village to the northwest of Tel Hemis. 2 vehicles coming to the scene to intervene were targeted by our forces and destroyed. 7 gang members were killed as far as ascertained”.

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