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lördag 25 oktober 2014

Kobani's YPG Commander: We are ready for alliances that will contribute to a democratic Syria

Kobani's YPG Commander: We are ready for alliances that will contribute to a democratic Syria.
KOBANI, Syrian Kurdistan,— The Commander of the Kurdish Peoples' Defence Units (YPG/YPJ) in the besieged town of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan, Mrs.

 Meysa Abdo, evaluated the decision of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to fight the Islamic State IS group militants in Kobani, saying: “we are ready for alliances that will contribute to the democratisation of Syria. However, if the FSA wants to support our resistance, it should fight ISIS gangs in other areas controlled by them, not in Kobani. That would be more useful.”

Mrs. Abdo added that the issue had come up after Turkish President R. Tayyip Erdoğan said: “Rather than the Peshmerga our first preference is the FSA.” She said it was an unacceptable policy for the FSA to be seen as an alternative to the Kurdish identity of the struggle in Kobani. She added: “The Burkan Al Firat alliance we have established in Kobani should be taken as a basis.” 

‘If the FSA wants to support us, let them fight ISIS in the towns they hold’ 

YPG/YPJ Kobani Commander Meysa Abdo continued: “If the FSA wants to support the struggle in Kobani, then hitting the ISIS gangs in places such as Manbij, Tel Abyad,

Jarablus, Al Bab or Rakka, which they control, would offer more support to our resistance, and ensure they were taken from the gangs.”

‘Components of FSA are already with us in Kobani’

Abdo said that they could fight together with all forces in all parts of Syria against the savagery of ISIS, adding that in Kobani they were already together with representatives of the Arab people in the Burkan Al Firat alliance: “in the last two months they have fought and died with us.”

‘FSA cannot be an alternative to us’

Abdo said that the Turkish government had proposed the FSA as an alternative to the Peshmerga going to Kobani, adding that this illustrated the Turkish government’s attitude to their resistance. “If the FSA’s declaration has the intention of constituting an alternative to the YPG, then we will never accept this. If the FSA is genuine then it should fight ISIS in other regions.”

‘They can fight in Tel Abyad’

Abdo said the FSA could go to Tel Abyad, which is between Kobani and Cizire canton, thereby opening the possibility of a corridor.

“We are ready for all alliances that will contribute to the democratisation of Syria”

“We are ready for alliances that will contribute to the democratisation of Syria, based on the fraternity of peoples. “Kobani is part of Syria. The resistance in Kobani will make a major contribution to the democratisation of Syria. But those who wish to make alliances with us must respect YPG resistance and the identity of the Kurdish identity of Kobani. Our areas are Kurdish areas. The FSA should fight in other areas and have the perspective of a democratic Syria. We must act together against ISIS and uproot it everywhere.”

‘If the Peshmerga come, we will fight shoulder to shoulder’

Abdo commented on the decision of the South Kurdistan Parliament to send Peshmerga, saying: “All Kurdish forces have the right to fight in Kobani, but in order to prevent confusion, they should act in unison with the YPG. Just like in Sinjar where the YPG, HPG and Peshmerga are acting in a coordinated way. We will fight shoulder to shoulder, not as two separate armies.”

‘The war will continue until ISIS gangs are thrown out of Syria’

YPG/YPJ Kobani Commander Meysa Abdo also evaluated the latest situation in Kobani, saying the struggle would go on until the ISIS gangs are expelled from the entire country.

She added that the gangs were attempting to infiltrate the border area on the eastern front close to the Mürşitpınar border gate, but that the YPG/YPJ forces had succeeded in preventing this.

Abdo said: “The ISIS gangs are suffering heavy casualties every day, but they bring in reinforcements and continue their attacks. We will not allow them take Kobani, and our struggle will continue until they have been evicted from the whole of Syria.”

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