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fredag 24 oktober 2014

Swedish Nazis cleared of attempted murder

Swedish Nazis cleared of attempted murder 

When Fidel Ogu walked from the subway in Hökarängen greeted a stranger to him. Then he received a fatal stab wound in the stomach. SVT / Security Cameras 
When Fidel Ogu walked from the subway in Hökarängen greeted a stranger to him. Then he received a fatal stab wound in the stomach. Photo: SVT / Security Cameras 
The three Nazis accused of knife attack on Fidel Ogu in Hökarängen acquitted of attempted murder by the district court. 

Prosecutor Sara Malm Hester had urged all the three suspects were men, an 18-year-old and two 23 year olds, will be sentenced for attempted murder. 

- I do not comment on judgment until I have read it thoroughly, says Malm Hester to ABC. 
According to Malm Hester had the three men acted together and in concert when they stabbed Fidel Ogu in the stomach at Hökarängen subway station on December 7 last year. 
The men also acquitted of assaulting another man the same night. All of the defendants are connected to the Nazi organization Swedish Resistance. According to the prosecutor was subject to attacks victims' skin color. 
The two 23 year olds convicted contrast for rioting and incitement against an ethnic group for the attack against the anti-racist manifestation in Kärrtorp last year. They both sentenced to prison for seven months. 
18-year-old cleared of all charges. 
The witness was suspected of complicity 
Surveillance cameras show that the three accused men were in connection with the place before and after the deed, but there are no pictures showing the actual assault. 
- The study does not give a clear picture of who has attacked the victim and how, says Sara Rosen, alderman at Södertörn District Court. 
Ogu has not participated in the trial because he could not be reached. Therefore, the probative value of his data lower, according to the district court. The linking the accused to the knife attack is the designation from a friend who spent time with them during the evening. But the man himself has been suspected of involvement. 
- Data from a person who is or has been suspected of involvement in the offense must be assessed with particular care and, while not sufficient for a conviction, says Rosen. 
The witness came forward after seeing pictures of herself when SVT Mission Review took up the case. The District Court therefore considers that he may have had an interest to protect themselves. 
Can not exclude self-defense 
The accused is freed even from the beating of another man during the same night, despite surveillance videos showing how they beat the man. The defense has claimed self-defense and there is evidence that the battered against one of the defendants in the head with a bottle. Therefore, the plea of ​​self-defense is not ignored, writes the district court. 
Minutes from dying 
It was last winter Fidel Ogu from Nigeria was on a visit to Stockholm. On the night of December 7, he was stopped by a number of men at Hökarängen subway station. 
- I took out my headphones because I wanted to listen to them, what they wanted to say. Then I was stuck here, so deep in my stomach, he told SVT's mission review in the spring. 
The prosecutor first chose to close down the investigation Furthermore, since crimes were not proven. The decision was appealed by the Mission Review has taken up the case. 
Ogu was under doctors just minutes from dying.

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